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      Disposable Vent Filter


      Disposable vent filters or called gamma stable filters ,gamma compatible vent filters ,are consist of 0.2μm hydrophobic PTFE filter media,features 100% bacteria retention for air venting and gas filtration.Inherently hydrophobic characteristic and high porosity makes the filters perfect resistance to particulates,bacteria and water while with high air/gas permit under very low differential pressure.Stepped hose barb connectors make them very flexible to connect with different size tubes.Very light weight can prevent tubes from bending.They can be either gamma irradiated or autoclavable,which are widely used in single use system and assembling,such like bioreactor,fermenter,cell flasks,carboys etc.

      Features and Benefits

      • Exceptionally high flow rate with low pressure drop
      • 100% integrity tested to provide a high level of confidence
      • Can be sterilized by gamma irradiation or autoclaving


      • Venting bioreactors
      • Fermentation tanks
      • Culture vessels 
      • Carboys
      • Filling machines
      • Autoclaves
      • Transfer vessels



         Bricap? 42


         Bricap? V5D


         Bricap? V5A

         Filter Media

      Hydrophobic PTFE on a PET support

         Pore Size   0.2μm   0.2μm   0.2μm   0.2μm
         Housing   Gamma stable PP   Gamma stable PP   Gamma stable PP   Gamma stable PP
         Filtration Area   0.72cm2 / 3.4cm2 / 4.5cm2   13.8cm2   20cm2   20cm2
         Overall Length   19.0mm / 22.5mm / 26.1mm   47.0mm   69.5mm   83.5mm
         Diameter   18mm / 30mm / 35mm   56.0mm   64.0mm   73.0mm


         Inlet: Female luer-lok
         Outlet: Male luer slip

         1/4"-3/8" Hose barb   22.6   22.6

         Max. Operation

         6.0bar(87psi)@20°C   2.4bar(35psi)@20°C   4.2bar(61psi)@20°C   2.4bar(35psi)@20°C

         Typical Air Flow 
         Rate (20°C)





         6.3L/min@0.2bar(3psi)   9.6L/min@0.2bar(3psi)   9.0L/min@0.2bar(3psi)
         Bubble Point   ≥ 1.1bar (60% IPA)   ≥ 1.1bar (60% IPA)   ≥ 1.1bar (60% IPA)   ≥ 1.1bar (60% IPA)

         Gamma irradiation
         25kGy recommended

         - Gamma irradiation
           25kGy recommended
           50kGy maximum 

         - Gamma irradiation

         - Gamma irradiation 
           25kGy recommended 
           50kGy maximum 

         - Gamma irradiation

         - Gamma irradiation 
           25kGy recommended 
           50kGy maximum 

         - Gamma irradiation

         Biological SafetyMeets USP Biological Reactivity Test, in vivo, for Class VI-121°C Plastics.

      Ordering Information

         Cat. No.   Material   Pore Size   Sterility
         SFM13PT0022-GM   PTFE
         0.2 μm
         SFM25PT0022-GM   Gamma-irradiated
         SFM33PT0022-GM   Gamma-irradiated
         SS47DISC-GM-PTFE0020L   Gamma-irradiated
         SS47DISC-PTFE0020L   Autoclavable
         64DISC-GM-PTFE0020L   Gamma-irradiated
         64DISC-PTFE0020L   Autoclavable
         AV50-GM-PTFE0020L   Gamma-irradiated
         AV50-PTFE0020L   Autoclavable

      For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message