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      Transfer Membrane

      Transfer membrane is widely used in the process of transfering and detection of proteins and nucleic acids. In order
      to achieve the best test result, it is pivotal to choose the right ,uniform and stable membrane.

      Western blotting Membrane.jpg

      Cobetter offers high strengthen PVDF membrane for Western blotting and nylon membrane for southern blotting.

      Western blotting is widely used in analysis in molecular biology and immunogy to detect certain proteins.

      Testing Process Of Western Blotting

      Effect factors of Western blotting membrane

      Choice of the transfer membrane: the ability of conbine protein directly effect the transfer result; According to the different molecular weight of proteins, choose appropriate pore size to  ensure that the filter paper, transfer  membrane,and  gel closely contact with each other without bubbles

      Low transfer temperature , better transfer result

      Transfer time: big protein weight lead to longer transfer time ,pay attention to the problem of over transfer.

      Transfer  voltage or current, buffer formula, ph value,  also affect transfer efficiency

      Product recommendations

      ? Cobetter nitrocellulose  membrane

      ? PVDF transfer membrane

      Nucleic Acid Blot