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      Glass Microfiber Filters for Liquid Filtration


      Cobetter liquid filtration media is comprised of microfiberglass. The small diameter fibers give this microfiberglass media superior efficiency, high dirt holding capacity, and low pressure drop. As one of the leading enterprises in filtration and a technology driven company, Cobetter focuses on high filtration efficiency products with pore sizes of 0.2μm and 0.5μm, Cobetter glass fiber membranes are available in binder free type and membranes with various kinds of binders.


      Glass fiber filters with binder enhance mechanical strength, and food grade acrylic latex binder, which could meet the NSF component requirements.


      The structure of binder free glass fiber filter is ideal for diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, and other critical applications requiring very low extractables. After special treatment, these grades are optimized for fast uniform wet-out and high wet tensile strength.


      - Binder free  

      - With binder    

      - Low extractables  

      - High load capacity  

      - Ultra low pressure drop   

      - Broad chemical compatibility  

      - High reproducibility   

      - Easily wound & pleated   

      - Consistent bed volume  


      - Less interference 

      - Enhanced mechanical strength

      - Minimal interference to the test sample 

      - Long filter life

      - Stable system pressures

      - Adaptable to various applications

      - Consistent product performance

      - Multiple filter configurations

      - Uniform liquid transfer


      Biopharmaceutical Process Filtration

      IVD Lateral Flow Pads

      Drinking Water Filtration

      Pre-filters for Membranes

      Fuel Filtration Membrane Filter 

      General Specifications




      Binder free, With binder

      Binder System

      Epoxy, Latex Acrylic, Acrylic


      0.2μm - 47μm


      Insert Molding


      0.2mm - 1.3mm

      Basis Weight

      49 - 290 g/m2

      Dirt Holding Capacity

      2.6 - 178 mg/cm2

      Glass Microfiber Filters for Air Filtration


      Glass Fiber Filter for Laboratory Analysis


      For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message