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    • DISP & SPFA Disposable Filter Cartridge Series including SPM, SC1, and SC2. making it suitable for use in aggressive high temperature etch applications DISP Disposable Filter Cartridges utilize absolute graded pleated PTFE membrane
    • Filter Cartridge Specially Designed for HF Filtration CAPTF Filter Cartridges have an all-polyfluorene construction with a PTFE membrane which makes it suitable to filter electronic grade chemicals.
    • Filter Cartridge Electronic Grade Low Extractable CEPP Filter Cartridges are constructed of electronic grade PP to effectively control iron extraction and provide great chemical compatibility. It is highly recommended for the pre-filtration of acids, bases, organic solvents, and process water.
    • HCP Filter Housing Series HCP Filter Housings are available in filtration media of PP, PVDF, or PFA. PP Filter Housings are suitable to filter water and regular chemicals and while PVDF Filter Housings are suitable to filter most chemicals. PFA Filter Housings are suitable to filter all chemicals hence it provides great temperature resistance and lower extractable; therefore is strongly recommended for the filtration of chemicals in FPD and semiconductor industries.
    • High Retention Rate Filter Cartridges Electronic Grade ELPF Filter Cartridges are composed of PTFE membrane. They are inherently hydrophobic and provide great organic and inorganic corrosion resistance. ELHPF Filter Cartridges are composed of hydrophilic PTFE membrane. They are recommended for the filtration of polar solvents. Since they require no pre-wetting, they can decrease operating time, thus helping to reduce cost.
    • LC Infusion Capsule Filters PDF Capsule Filters are specially designed for use in LC filtration. An all fluorine compact structure provides great chemical compatibility, low extractable and less product loss.