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      • Hydropure DI Water Purier Effectively remove metal ions from ultra-pure water. Ensure stable output of ultra-pure water.
      • Prifend Long Lifetime Pre-RO Cartridge Filter Prifend is designed with a unique graded pore structure which ensures high retention efficiency and dirt holding capacity and longer lifetime when compared to normal melt-blown filters.
      • Apesfend Electronic-Grade DI Water Fine Filtration Filter Apesfend constructed of a highly asymmetric PES membrane. Widely used in DI and ultra-pure water filtration, its features include low ion release, good conductivity recovery ability, inline flushing time reduction, and high retention efficiency.
      • Prifend High Flow DI Water Filter Suitable for high flow rate filtration design. Large filtration area,High dirt holding capacity. Easy to install and replace , small occupying area, economic.