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      Cleaning Chemical

      • Chemvast Cost Effective All-Fluoropolymer Chemvast has a PVDF construction with a PTFE membrane which makes it suitable to filter electronic grade chemicals. Cost effective solution for HF filtration.
      • Novacon Ultra High Precision Chemical Filter High retention efficiency, flow rates and surface area allow for a rapid operation. High density membrane structure provides advanced 2nm retention.
      • Chemphobic Ultrapure Chemical Filter All fluorine construction makes it suitable for the filtration of highly corrosive high temperature chemicals including SPM/H3PO4/IPA.
      • Chemega High-Efficiency Flitration for Chemicals Chemega is constructed of a PTFE membrane that provides excellent chemical compatibility and is inherently hydrophobic.
      • Chemrapid Surface-modifiled Ultrapure Chemicals Filter Non-dewetting modified membrane improves surface energy. Superior filtration efficiency and high low rate.
      • Fluorolink All Fluoropolymer Filter Housing Overall PFA construction makes it suitable for highly corrosive high temperature ultra-pure chemicals.