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    • PolyRolled Filters (RMF-CR) Cobetter PolyRolled depth filters are made of continuously rolled microfiber(for a total of 56 layers). The outer layers are constructed of graded pore size while the inner layers are stable pore size. This provides a large filter area and high efficiency.
    • Absoguard Filters Cobetter Absoguard filters are constructed all polypropylene media and provide accurate efficiency for the retention of particles in critical applications. It combines high dirt holding capacity with longer service life and high flow rates.
    • CSD Lenticular Filter Cobetter CSD Series Filters use high purity lignocellulose composite material and an inorganic filter aid agent. Its inner crisscrossing three-dimensional structure allows it to be a depth filter and provide great filtration efficiency, high dirt holding capacity, and longer lifetime. Filter paper is manufactured using super-matic production lines. All raw materials are tested by a strict quality control process to ensure filter quality and good performance in any application.
    • GlassFlow Filters Cobetter GlassFlow filters are made of super fine glass fiber media and polypropylene filtration layers, offering inherently absorptive characteristic that enhances filter retention capacity. These filters are designed for the clarification of liquids containing gel, lipids and protein. They have high dirt holding capacity and high particle removal efficiency making them strong protection for prefiltration and sterilizing grade filters.