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      Solutions of Culture Medium Filtration

      Culture Medium Filtration-cbt.jpg

      The culture medium is used for microbial fermentation and cell culture in the biopharmaceutical process, and ensuring the sterility of the fermentation & culture process is the key of the biotechnology process.  Culture media mainly includes natural cell culture medium, synthetic cell culture medium and serum-free cell culture medium. 

      Since the culture media containing macromolecular nutrients such as proteins can be denatured after autoclaving, destroying the active ingredients, the filtration is needed to remove bacteria and mycoplasma to ensure the stability of the composition of the culture medium. 

      Different culture medium contains different components, for rich protein, sugar and other media should be used in the form of multi-stage filtration to ensure that the filtering flux and terminal sterilization cartridge life.


      PP Membrane

      Glassfiber Membrane

      PES Membrane

      PVDF Membrane

      Clarification Filtration

      1  PP Menbrane

      Excesal CHE -PP

      Excesal CHC -PP
      Excesal CHT -PP

      2  Glass Fiber Menbrane

      Greclary CHV -Glass Fiber


      1 PES Menbrane

      Purcise PLE -Double Layer PES

      Purcise PAF -PES

      2 PVDF Menbrane

      Corevital PMD?-PVDF

      Sterile Filtration

      PES Menbrane

      Purcise SLE -Double Layer PES

      Corevital SAF -Double Layer PES

      PVDF Menbrane

      Corevital SMD -PVDF