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      Solutions of Lyophilized Powder Filtration


      Lyophilized powder is the raw material drug "mixed" in some excipients or dissolved in some solvent, and then in a sterile environment, the liquid freezing and after certain processing to make different forms of preparation. 

      Since Lyophilized powder are almost exclusively non-final sterilized products, filtration is extremely demanding. With the largest number of customers for Lyophilized powder in China, Cobetter is able to provide filtration solutions for different products. 


      SPSH Series

      APS Series

      Bio-burden Reduction

      SPSH Series

      SLHPF Series

      Redundant Filtration

      SPSH Series

      DPS Series

      DLHPF Series

      Final Sterile Filtration

      SPSH Series
      DPS Series

      DLHPF Series

      Solutions of Lyophilized Powder Filtration-cbt.jpg