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      Solutions of Aseptic Air Filtration

      Gas Fermentation Process.jpg

      Compressed air is one of the most important sources of production power for pharmaceutical companies and is also an important raw material in large-scale aerobic fermentation. Untreated air contains water mist, Oil mist, rust, particulate dust, bacteria and many other impurities that must be removed to ensure safe production and compliance with air requirements. Cobetter offers complete solutions and the best price/performance ratio for your aseptic air systems.

      Cobetter provides complete filtration solutions for this application.
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      Filtration Stage
      Application Description


      1st Stage of Filtration: as the outside air enters the system, 

      large-scale impurities must be removed so to not affect 

      subsequent stages

      GGFP Series

      APT Series

      ②-Oil and Water Removal 


      For aseptic air system, the toughest contaminations to remove

      brought in by the compressor are oil spray and water vapor.

      SOLE Series

      -Steam Filtration

      This stage is used to remove impurities that could cause damage
      to the downstream filter.

      CSSC Series

      PSSF Series

      -Sterile Gas Filtration

      This stage is the core component of the aseptic air system. 
      It must work regardless if the environment is damp or dry. 

      GPFL Series

      HSGPF Series