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    Yoshiaki Yamada has been appointed as president of Nippon Cobetter
    • 2021-07-28
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    Cobetter Filtration Equipment Co., LTD., one of the world's leading and innovative filtration companies, today announced the appointment of Yoshiaki Yamada as President of Nippon Cobetter Co., Ltd, starting August 1st, 2021. Yoshiaki Yamada will lead Cobetter’s Japan team, and work closely with the team at Cobetter’s Headquarters in China to promote Cobetter's business in microelectronics, life science, and general industrial markets in Japan, as well as further expanding their semiconductor sales in Japan. In addition, his role of CTO for Cobetter semiconductor business remains.



    Yoshiaki Yamada joined Cobetter in 2019 as the CTO of Cobetter’s Semiconductor business unit. Before joining Cobetter, Yoshiaki Yamada worked for Entegris, AZ electronic materials, TEL and Mitsubishi electric corporation for more than 30 years in the semiconductor industry.

    Japan plays a very important role in both the semiconductor and biopharmaceutical markets  which are critical markets for Cobetter. Cobetter believes Yoshiaki Yamada is well qualified to lead Cobetter’s Japan and China headquarters teams and to provide innovative, high quality, and timely solutions to Japanese cutting-edge semiconductor materials customers. Cobetter’s global semiconductor customers will also benefit from the gained advanced filtration experience coming from Cobetter Japan. Cobetter CEO Kevin Chang has high expectations for Cobetter Japan with Yoshiaki Yamada in his new role as president of Nippon Cobetter.

    Yoshiaki Yamada: Cobetter is focused on process filtration products for various industries, providing high performance with existing and next generation technology products to help customers establish more efficient and high-quality processes. Through technical innovation, Cobetter will strive to constantly improve customer satisfaction. In the future, we will focus on the semiconductor and electronic components industries, while expanding to the medical, industrial and life science industries. Mr. Hara Shinji, the former president of the company, is grateful to all employees for their kindness during his tenure. In the future, He will sincerely continue to promote Cobetter’s business. Please continue to give us guidance and encouragement in our work.


    The semiconductor business is one of the most important strategic directions for Cobetter. In addition to filtration products, Cobetter has continuously and strategically expanded its product line for semiconductor industry applications in the past two years, including AMC (airborne molecular contamination) panel filters, membrane contact degassers, lined tanks & housings, process chemical drums, and PFA valves, all of which can replace products which currently have near monopoly status. Cobetter is striving to become a leading full fluid filtration solutions supplier.


    Cobetter also focuses on the research and development of nano materials and is committed to providing new and innovative filtration and purification solutions for the global IC manufacturing and biopharmaceutical industries. With 3,300 employees and more than 1,000 engineers, Cobetter's subsidiaries in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore serve more than 20,000 customers in 106 countries.


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